Brand protection and intellectual property protection are critical concerns for long-term corporate growth and survival in today’s competitive, global marketplace.
All manner of products and commodities are susceptible to IP theft, including:

  • Fashion and apparel
  • Music
  • Film
  • Software
  • Formulas for fragrances, pharmaceuticals and agricultural chemicals
  • Financial models and algorithms

Failure to develop a wide-ranging strategy to protect intellectual property and brands can cost a company millions of dollars, lost competitive advantages and, ultimately, its ability to compete. Taking steps to prevent such incidents from occurring is essential, and when an incident occurs, being prepared with a quick and thoughtful response is crucial.

Kroll works strategically with clients and their legal counsel to manage and protect against theft, counterfeiting, diversion and misappropriation of the following:

  • Customer data
  • Trade secrets
  • Trademarks
  • Patents

Drawing upon its expertise in computer forensics, security consulting, litigation support, business intelligence and investigations, Kroll assists to identify vulnerabilities within clients’ organizations and introduce appropriate measures to secure assets before a loss is suffered. We provide a unique multi-disciplined, tactical approach to brand protection services and IP protection, encompassing physical security, cyber security, operational security and human resources consulting.

In the event that sensitive or critical intellectual property is compromised, Kroll’s professionals work with clients and their counsel to investigate the loss, identify those responsible and support associated litigation and recovery efforts. Our professional team is experienced in investigating data breaches, IP loss and theft, and patent infringements, including following the trail of counterfeit products through the supply chain.

Kenya Internet Security has investigated some of the largest black and gray market IP compromises in nearly every industry, including apparel, consumables, electronics and healthcare, resulting in the identification of the perpetrators, criminal prosecutions, and civil penalties and fines. Our global team of experts enables effective investigations and support across markets at different points in the supply chain. Kenya Internet Security provides expert testimony and intellectual property litigation support, including loss quantification, in counterfeiting and IP infringement matters.